Select the kind of expert that fits you
Journey Experts

Your expertise can push startups to the next level in a specific step or stage in the journey.

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Industry Professionals (iNNO’s)

Your domain/role knowledge joins forces with founders to solve the biggest problems facing your industry.

Play a key role

Find innovative solutions for your profession or company problems.

Bring innovations to the board room, browse the startups ecosystem to find solutions for your company needs, or ones that are aiming to solve your specific role pain.

Become an opinion leader

Help validate and give your opinion
on new technologies and products.

Participate in validation processes, welcome POC’s in your organization, join user tests and Beta programs, and give your individual-professional insights.

Stay on top of things

Maintain your central role among your colleagues and industry.

Stay engaged, and don’t miss a thing. Connect with the most interesting conversations, share your thoughts and learn from the opinions and points of view of others.

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Take a look at the future

Stay updated with the latest news & progress of ventures in your industry.

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