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Journey Experts

Your expertise can push startups to the next level in a specific step or stage in the journey.

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Industry Professionals (iNNO’s)

Your domain/role knowledge joins forces with founders to solve the biggest problems facing your industry.

Know what’s next…

Connect with the newborn
ventures of the future.

Nurture your innovation awareness. know the trends and elevate your openness to discover new ideas and technological solutions.

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Win the recognition of the ecosystem

Take the stage. Bold out. Post,
collaborate, become a global leader.

Lead the way, become an influencer by publishing your posts, share articles, create videos, and keep the ecosystem updated on your latest personal findings and insights.

Increase your deal flow

Mentor, show your skills, become a
business partner, or even more…

Advise, consult, make an effort to assist startups on their journey. Share your experience & knowledge, leave a good impression and you never know what offerings you are going to get.

Stay up-to-date

Get suggestions, updates & notifications around your interests.

Go deeper with personalization. Create your own connections with people and experts, receive the latest insights and articles in your field.

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